Saturnalia, 12 x 18", January 4,
2001, mixed media, NFS
Omega, 12 x 16", mixed media
November, 2000 $150
Inspired by the work of Alexander Calder, these
whimsical pieces are meant to bring a sense of play
into the lives of those who live with them.  In a
time when stress threatens to make us old before
our time, art which can be fun as well as beautiful
has the important fuction of reminding each one of
us of the innocence of our youth.  These grown-up
toys, if you will, can serve to bring delight as well
as a trace of imagination into your home or work
place.  The most important thing is that they are

These mixed media pieces are meant to be
interactive.  They are composed of movable
parts--pins, clips, letters, etc. which are capable of
being adjusted by the owner.  Once the owner is
tired of one configuration, there is an opportunity
to create new meaning or a new look by
rearranging some of the componenets of the
sculptures according to his/her desire.
Play, 12 x 20", March 2001,
private collection, Freehold, NJ

Poem, 10 x 22", November 2000,
NFS, collection of the artist
Clothesline, 9 x 21",
mixed media, donation to
Grant Holcomb, Memorial
Art Gallery, Rochester, NY
'Tis the Season, 12 x 28
1/2", mixed media,
August 22, 2003
East Coast, 12 x 26",
mixed media, August 12,
2003, $200