Kathleen Nicastro
Theology & the Arts
As a member of Christians in the Visual Arts (or CIVA), and a past Instructor of a
Theology and the Arts course at the United Methodist Church in Princeton, NJ, I
have been allowed to explore the relatively young reunion between the art world
and the church.  I believe that theology and art are natural complements, and that
the freedom that we have as Christians to explore in the manner of our
Creator God is a privilege that should not be neglected, or  abused.  Of course the
challenge comes in defining the parameters of those terms.  My artist's statement
and artistic maxims reflect my own beliefs in the exploration of this process:

Artist's Statement:

In these tumultuous times, full of trials and the uncertainties of war, I seek , in my
work, to provide the antidote to pain and despair.  I believe that faith and
imagination can see the human race through even the most challenging of times
and I seek to enrich these qualities in those who view and consider my work.  With
a scope that ranges from the playful to the austere, I present the pieces of my own
imagination and faith which I trust will offer healing and beauty by the grace of
God in whose strength I live my life.

Artistic Maxims:

1.  Never do the same thing twice.

2.  Fail big.

3.  Re-enchant everyday life.

4.  Play.

5.  Never be afraid to experiment.

6.  Nothing is wasted.

7.  Imagination is a divine gift.

8.  Suggest.

9.  The content of abstraction is divine.

10.  The hands and each breath are holy.

11.  Work with utmost care.

12.  Pray without ceasing.  
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