Kathleen Nicastro

"The inner light shines through...Nicastro's work is diverse--she likes to
explore many different mediums." --Ann Metz, Reporter, The
Herald, from a feature article on April 21, 2004

"Your piece is still hanging proudly and joyfully in my study, reminding me
to 'keep the child alive.'  I AM a satisfied customer!"
--Cathy Clasen, Minister, PCUSA, Tennessee

"Stunning!", "Original!","Beautiful work!"  --passersby at the Clothesline
Festival, Memorial Art Gallery, 2003

From the Princeton exhibit:

"What a wonderful exhibit!  You are so talented!  I think of all the
displays, yours is the finest!!!!  You can see the love of art in each
piece."  --Ginny Neuman, Operations Assistant, Center for Continuting
Education, Princeton Theological Seminary, "Preparing the Light" exhibit
at Erdman Gallery, April - May 2001

"Most interesting are six acrylic paintings, entitled Balance Series.  Like
the artist's windows, these compositions are angular.  They are studed
with fragments of...glass.  Another appealing canvas is Wish, which
explores a pallette of pink, gray and black, accompanied by two gushing
blues and a fragment of a musical score."  --F.R. Rivera, "Princeton Town
Topics", 2001

"What a beautiful exhibit!  Thank you for all your good work and for
giving me an opportunity to 'see with' and 'see through.'  --David Wall,
Center for Continuing Education, Princeton Theological Seminary

"Magnificent!  I loved these works the first time I saw them!!
Congratulations!"  --Gary Hayden, Linden, NJ

"Beauty is in the eyes of all who behold this...bless you for sharing!"
                      --Carrie Mitchell, Minister, PCUSA

"What an exquisite and moving exhibit.  I especially love 'Jonah's
Dream'--beautifully chosen colors.  Thank you." --Amy Starr Redwine

"God has given you sparkling unique eyes to create such light-filled
inventions!"                   --Victoria Decker Millar, Minister

"The stained glass was really thought-provoking and beautiful, and the
whole building resonates peace."  --Mari H., Fashion Illustrator at Moore
College of Art
Alchemist of Sand, 264 San
Ron Drive, Webster, NY  14580
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