"Reality only reveals itself when it
is illuminated by a ray of poetry."

      --Georges Braque

"We shape the clay into a pot, but it is the emptiness inside that
holds whatever we want."  --Lao Tzu

I have outlived you
by two years and the bread
of light holds an emptiness
now beyond all the telling
of your rhythm colors splashing
hope.  My hands have not held
a brush since the last time
I dreamt of you, when my heart
was still beating vermillion.
The sky hints at
a spectral clear.  My wrists
and ankles collect your sorrows
with a gentleness I cannot bear.
You took the spectrum
out of the world of giving,
spilled it into the plane
where messages of
take your place.  And I
am the silence around you,
the band of emptiness
fulfilling grace.

                --Kathleen Nicastro
Kathleen Nicastro will read her
poetry at the 2010 Women in
Music Festival of the Eastman
School of Music at a noon-time
concert at Nazareth College.  
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