"The general conception of stained glass is one of a
material in service to God," William Ellis states in his
book, simply called Glass, and though my work is not
literally liturgical in it's most common sense, I seek to
continue the tradition of leaded glass designs that
reflect and reveal the Beauty of the Creator, through
and with this humble material.  While my interest is
expanding to include architectural glass, these smaller
glass windows and panels give me the opportunity to
express and explore the dimensions of beauty that can
be taken home and lived with--constant reminders of the
daily grace which gives us sight and comfort and points
us toward insight.  Seeing with and through, as Paul
Tillich helps us understand, is the way that we can
witness the unity and holiness of our creative ground...
      Con-templation means going into the
      temple, into the sphere of the holy, into
      the deep roots of all things, into their
      creative ground.  We see the mysterious
      powers which we call beauty and truth
      and goodness.  We cannot see them as
      such, we can see them only in things
      and events...We can see them, but it
      is not necessary that we see them.  We
      can close our eyes, we can become
      blind.  Some are blind to any ground
      which is the unity of these powers and
      which we call 'holy.'  It is the ultimate,
      the last which we can see with and
      through all things; and therefore it is
      the end of all seeing.  It is the light
      itself and therefore it is darkness for
      our eyes.  Only 'with and through' can
      we see it, through things and men,
      through events and images.  This
      seeing and not seeing at the same time
      is what we call faith.  Nobody can see
      God; be we can see him 'with and
      through.          --Paul Tillich

I pray that my work will be a way for you to see God
'with and through.'

            --Kathleen Nicastro

The Way Through, 16 x 20", leaded
stained glass panel, May 14, 2000, private
collection, Princeton, NJ

L'esprit des fleurs, 16 x 20" leaded glass
panel, August 13, 2003, $395

City of Light, 16 x 16" stained glass,
copper foil panel, August 22, 2003, $295

Windows go Orange in the Slowly, 20 x
22", leaded stained glass panel,
August 5, 2000, NFS

Soul's Desire , 22 x 26" leaded stained
glass panel,  June 25, 2000 private
collection, Lawrenceville, NJ

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