For centuries men and women have been fascinated
with their "reflections in the glass," and from Narcissus
onward we have sought to define ourselves by how our
appearance makes an impact on the world, both in
fantasy and in real life.  Hours of our lives are spent
primping and preening to attract a potential mate or to
monitor and try to remedy the signs of aging.
It is my hope that the mirrors that I make will reflect
back the true beauty that is you--just as you are.  You
should neither look younger nor older, thinner nor
heavier, taller nor shorter, richer nor poorer.  You
should marry the image that is yours because it is
beautiful, because it is uniquely you, just as each of
these art glass pieces is uniquely itself.

Take a Look!, 17 x 19" leaded
stained glass mirror,
commission, private collection

All rights reserved.  Copyright, 20011.