Painting the Psalms Exhibitions:
Today, January 31, 2005 the Alchemist of Sand mounted the first of three
upcoming exhibits on the Psalms at the First Presbyterian Church in Pittsford,
NY.  It features 10 acrylic and ink paintings which were chosen for this exhibit
based on the lectionary.  This exhibit will be a part of the special Lenten services
and worship offerings in preparation for Easter.  Kathleen Nicastro, the artist,
will be teaching an adult education class at 9:00 a.m. on February 13, 2005 on the
meaning of the title, Painting the Psalms:  Kataphatic Prayer, as well as what
the year-long project of painting these pieces entailed and what the exhibit
means to her.  This lecture will be followed by the 10:00 a.m. worship service,
which will then, in turn, be followed by an opening reception.  All of these
events will take place on the Nazareth Campus.  Worship takes place in the
chapel and the opening reception is being held at Caffe Sorelle.  The artist
looks forward to seeing you there!

SOHO Rochester 2004:

The Alchemist, on the day of her Web Store's grand opening, April 1, 2004, spent the day
downtown at the Convention Center at the 3rd Annual SOHO Rochester Show, 2004,
where over 120 vendors informed, entertained, educated, tempted and cajoled small
business owners into methods, models and materials to grow their own businesses.  She
met with  representatives from FOX TV, The Democrat & Chronicle, Cazbah, and Staples,
drank a cup of cocoa made in the latest and greatest office friendly machine, gathered up
business cards and brochures, and attended 4 presentations on various aspects of making a
small business survive in a tough economy.  The event concluded with a networking
reception which featured a cash bar and a musical trio.  While the artist abstained from
the alcohol, she did very much enjoy the musical offerings of the trio, and a chance to chat
with fellow business people and vendors, not to mention relaxing with one of her closest
friends, who owns her own business, Ovation Nail Studio.  Not even the fact that it took
nearly a half an hour to exit the parking garage ramp (from having parked on the 7th floor
level) could tarnish the overall enjoyment of the day.  All in all it was a worthwhile event
which will provide information and inspiration for weeks to come...

Save the Arts Festival at R.I.T.--coming May 1, 2004!

Save the date!  Plan to come out to Rochester Institute of Technology's campus on May 1
from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. to show your support for saving the art programs in our area
schools.  As many of you know, there have been some serious budget cuts as of late, and
several of the schools are facing the prospect of cutting their art programs altogether.  If
you have a child in school and want to make sure that they have the option of nurturing
their artistic tendencies and abilities, or even if you don't but are a concerned citizen
willing to show your support for a balanced curriculum in our school system, then give up
a few hours on that Saturday to make a difference.  Purchase a small item, buy a piece of
work that you can enjoy for years to come, or put in a bid on the pieces donated to the
silent auction.  The Alchemist of Sand will be donating a 9 x 12" glass panel called Black
& Blue:  The Double Face of Humor.  Even if  you aren't able to contribute monetarily by
purchasing an item, it's still important to attend to make the event a success for the
sponsor, R.I.T.  Let's pray for good weather, and the Alchemist will look forward to seeing
you there!  See the Upcoming Events page for further details.