Han, 4 x 6" clay sculpture,
February,2002, NFS

Unlike glass, clay is a very forgiving material, and
a true joy to work with.  After the rigors of the
slicing rigidity of glass and its demands, to touch
the velvet softness of clay brings renewal to the
hands and spirit.  This is a prayer that I wrote
while participating in a clay workshop at the
Center for Continuing Education at Princeton
Theological Seminary last year:

Claymaker God,
As You have graced and transformed my life--free
Your narrative into the clay.  Allow your
sensibilities and blessings to move through my
hands shaping dust.  Even as You have freed my
heart and spirit to new life, let this humble clay
unleash Your Spirit into the world, spilling
imagination into Love.  Let my fingers remember
what it means to make Your work and let the
freedom of making art in You enfold me.  Where my
ability is lacking, let me trust Your Spirit, where my
soul is tired, let me be renewed by Your love, where
my faith is flawed, bring me to new vision and the
attention of all that is divine.  Pour a cup of Your
Original Imagination into my body to express Your
full redemption in the world.  Amen.

Mask, 6 x 5" gray clay sculpture
2002, $65

Moon over Underbrush, 6 x 4 3/4",
2002, $65

Tree of Knowledge, (left and right views), 2 x 3 3/4", gray clay sculpture,
2002, $50

"The hand must venture into the
unknown, it must remain alive to the
danger it is courting, it must sense
the brink."  --Roger Bissiere

All rights reserved. Copyright
Kathleen Nicastro